Steve Till from HGR Marketing

Good morning, my name is Steve Till from HGR Marketing, and I am a copywriter, based in Upper Farringdon, writing clear, concise, correct and compelling words for my clients’ web-sites, brochures, newsletters, case studies and adverts.

This week, the Guardian published a list of business terms that we should all try and use. So I thought I’d just give you a soup-to-nuts review, run a few up the flagpole for you, leverage the vertical yield, workshop the deliverables matrix, drill down to a granular level, give you the heads-up on what blue sky thinking is trending, in order to effect a paradigm shift to upskill your communications, going forward.

You need your words to reflect your key core competencies, achieve your key performance indicators, meet your key milestones and sunset your key issues – kicking those into the long grass is key.

So, a great referral for me that week is anyone who wants me to backfill the lexicon-shaped holes in their collateral or have their communications transitioned. Take this offline with me in a water cooler moment and I’m absolutely on board to revert by close of play.

That’s Steve Till

HGR Marketing

It’s a mind shower that’s a no-brainer.