4 business, 4 fun, 4 you, 4 sure

At A4B, we pride ourselves on striking the right balance between doing business and having fun.  We know all too well that it is difficult to get out of bed – or make time in your diary – if either of these is missing.  So our meetings have a structure, but one that we are prepared to modulate according to issues raised and the feelings of those present.

Informal networking: we start with an informal chat across the table over tea or coffee, orange or apple juice.

Breakfast: we interrupt the by-now in-depth discussion, to choose our full English or continental breakfast.

Going round the table: everyone present then has the opportunity to present their business – or simply tell us what’s on their mind – for a minute or so.

Discussion: the main presentation invariably sparks questions and general discussion, and the consequent sharing of valuable business experience.

Close: mindful of the time, we always close the formal agenda before 9 am., but many attendees will stay and discuss what they have heard, share business opportunities of mutual interest, and bring colleagues up-to-date on joint projects.

Why not see for yourself?  If we sound like the sort of networking group that you could get out of bed for, then book up for our next meeting and see if Alton 4 Business is networking 4 you.  You are assured of a warm welcome.

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